Dark Backgrounds, Better Layout Formatting

I would love to see:
-A dark mode or ability to change the form background color.
-Better controllability of form elements like positioning and alignment in popup.
-Maybe an auto indent for the code editor for things like conditional statements.
-Ability to select all portions of an element (like, if I want to add trim to all parts of an if statement, being able to like... ctrl click the element and select all parts and child elements and being able to edit the common tags like trim would be awesome)
-The above idea would be awesome for auto indent too, like... a shift click on an element formats it for readability with indentions.

I know a Dark Mode has been suggested before, and while I'd love a dark mode option, just being able to adjust the background of the popup window would be enough for me. We can change the background on tables, but having more control over the form layout/style would awesome.

Plus, like mentioned above, having more control over layout in some way would be cool. Like, to get the pop up form to look good, there's a lot of weird spacing involved in dashboard. Either to get alignments of fields right, or if I want a form field right aligned, the whole row must be right aligned.

I personally really like nice looking interfaces so I try to make them nice/aligned/pleasing to look at vs just a bunch of text and fields, even if they aren't to be inserted. Like right now I am working on a moderation task manager but the layout to make it look good is quite difficult.

Just thinking out loud now but these would be some awesome quality of life changes lol.