Dashboard on browser

I'm using TB windows app.
On TB website when I click on "Dashboard" always it tries to open the app and I have to close because I like to open it on the browser.

Perhaps is possible to show a selection "Continue here / Open the app"

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Josem

Can you please share a screenshot of what you see on the browser? We do show a "Continue here" button on the website, and you can use that to Continue on the website inside your browser, instead of opening the app.

Thanks for answering @Gaurang_Tandon, the problem is that "Continue here" appears on the web, that's correct, but it starts to open the app at the same time and that's not necessary, because it causes you to have to close it.
That is why I suggested that the user could choose between opening in the browser ("Continue here") or opening the app.

Thanks for the clarification, it makes sense. So, you are looking for a "Remember my choice" option, that would then directly open the links in the browser. Is that correct? We can implement this, but we just need to make sure it's not confusing for users who prefer the app.

If I may ask, is there any particular reason why you prefer the dashboard in the browser compared to inside the app? They both should have identical functionality as far as I understand.

Yes, functionally I prefer to have one more tab in the browser, rather than one more program on the taskbar.
In the browser I have the tab fixed and I open the community without changing the environment.