Data Blaze for Customer Support - finding help center articles

The scenario: A common task that Customer Support teams need to do is to provide links to documentation, help center articles, and other things along those lines in their responses. A challenge with that is having those links handy and getting to them quickly.

Why Data Blaze + Text Blaze: Traditional static templates inside of Support software like Zendesk, Intercom, or Fresh Desk might have some links in them, but Data Blaze and Text Blaze make it much easier to customize exactly what you're sending to people, keeping their specific context in mind.

See it in action

Below is a sample Data Blaze space and 2 snippets that interact with it, reading from Data Blaze and creating customized lists of links to documentation. I'm imagining that I'm a support agent for Netflix, and I've started to collect the help center articles I send to customers the most inside my Data Blaze table.

Video of me walking through this

GIF of one of these snippets being used
datablaze support

Copy these to your Text Blaze account to try it out yourself!

{dbselect: SELECT article, url, `link text` FROM `help center articles`; space=id; multiple=yes; menu=yes; name=articles}
{repeat: for each_link in articles}{link: {=each_link["url"]}}{=each_link["link text"]}{endlink}

{dbselect: SELECT article, url, `link text` FROM `help center articles` WHERE category = "pricing"; space=id; multiple=yes; menu=yes; name=articles; trim=yes}
{repeat: for x in articles}{link: {=x["url"]}}{=x["link text"]}{endlink}

What's happening inside these snippets

Text Blaze is using the DBSELECT command to read data from my Data Blaze table. In my first snippet, I am selecting EVERY row of the Data Blaze table. In the second snippet, I am only selecting rows where the Category is set to "pricing", since maybe I don't want to see every article all the time.

My DBSELECT command allows for multiple selections from the menu inside the snippet. Once I select an article I want to use, the snippet is using the "url" field to create a hyperlink with that destination, and using the "link text" field as the text of that hyperlink. Each link is entered onto its own line of my snippet's output.

Reach out if you'd like to do something similar!

Whether it's recreating this for your specific use-case, customizing it a little bit, or applying Data Blaze in another way from scratch, I'm happy to help with hands-on assistance... just reach out!

This isn't just for support teams, but anyone that needs to provide links out to people they're communicating with frequently. This is also just one of the infinite uses for Data Blaze.


Ooh interesting @Mark_Killen

This is great usecase. With similar fashion, I use Datablaze to create multiple documents for my clients quickly.

@Andrew_Hall thanks for the clear explanation, I see so many possibilities for our Community Management team! We often send links to our YT videos or FAQ articles, I'm excited to try it out :blush: