Data Blaze Notifications

I wonder if there is or could be a way to receive an email and/or Slack notification anytime a row is modified in Data Blaze. Modified meaning new row(s) added, empty cells in a column(s) being filled in, etc. Thoughts?

This is probably possible through Zapier.

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We do this with Google Chat and our internal bug/issue tracker. We use Google AppScript to listen to a Data Blaze webhooks and then send a formatted message to Google Chat.

You can probably do the same with Slack or Zapier as Dylan suggests.

Here's an example of a Google Chat thread updating as an issue is created and fixed in our Data Blaze issues space.


Thank you fellas. Yeah - I was thinking the webhook route perhaps. I love Zapier but we do not have licensing for it. MS Power Automate though might also work. I will mess around with it. Thank you!

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