Data Blaze use case questions

Good Afternoon everyone! I have an interesting use case where I'd like to use an exported CSV file that I would import into Data Blaze that would contain the quantity of the materials needing to be ordered as well as the model number. I am running into an issue where automating the movement to grab the information from the next row after the first is completed. Does anyone have a suggestion or directions on how I can accomplish this?

The quoted text are comments in the picture attached to understand the flow that I am looking for.
tb 12-19-22

Hi Devon,

To do this, give a name to your dbselect command. That name will be populated with a list of all the rows returned by the dbselect. Then use the {repeat} command to iterate through the list.

You will end up with something like the following:

{dbselect: select name, count from table; space=1234; multiple=yes; name=models}

{repeat: for model in models}
{} has count {=model.count}

Does that help?

Yes, that grabs all the information. However, I guess I am missing how to parse and use the data that has been pulled in.

Where Row one is pulled (Count) (tab-key)(Model Number)(enter-key repeat three times) then repeat over and over for all the additional model numbers.

Sorry Devon, I don't understand your clarification. You can use the tab key in the repeat if you would like:

{repeat: for model in models}
{=model.count}{key: tab}{}{key:enter}{key:enter}{key:enter}

Hey, Scott thanks for the reply. Andrew Hall has reached out, and we are also working on this. I guess I am just not explaining what I am trying to accomplish correctly. Let me see if I can clarify and get back to you.

Does this help any? I would like to achieve the following with every row in a particular data blaze space

I was able to pull the data using your breakdown from above, but I need to automate it into a sales order entry program as shown in the image above.

{dbselect: select name, count from table; space=1234; multiple=yes; name=models}

{repeat: for model in models}
{} has count {=model.count}

What you provided was great but it only gives me the following without any of the automation I am looking for:

Does these make more sense now? If not, please let me know.

Andrew got me all taken care of using something like this:

{dbselect: SELECT Name, Count FROM 1234; space=1234; multiple=yes; name=ModelNumbers}
{repeat: for model in modelnumbers; trim=left} {=model.count} {key: tab} {} {key: enter} {key: enter} {key: enter}{wait: delay=+1s} {endrepeat}

I just added a wait in there for the system to have time to process.

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Here is a quick video of this running. I had an error in the CSV file, but it WORKS!


Looks great, @Devon_Schronce . Thanks for sharing!
What system is this?
Mind if we share the video on our social channels?

This happens to be the Eclipse sales system ruining Eterm version 4.18. You are more than welcome to share this content.