Data Collection and Privacy

Hi there,

I love what Text Blaze is doing, but prior to getting our IT team involved in an evaluation, can you explain a couple of pieces to me re: what data gets transmitted to Text Blaze when it's in use and how it gets transmitted?

If I'm typing in a text box, like this one, what causes an interaction with Text Blaze? It it looking out for any use of a forward slash? What triggers the data being sent to your serves and what is sent? The entire text box? The entire page contents? Or is my configuration cached on my computer so that there's no network traffic initiated when I type something that triggers a Text Blaze action?

For example, if I'm filling out a credit card expiry data as 01/1999, what text is sent to you, on what event and how?

Also, how is it sent and how is that data protected while in transit?

I've taken a look at the Chrome network traffic analyzer, and can't see any going when I trigger a command, so I'm a little unsure.

Apologies, I know this is a lot of detail for a first comment, but it's key to me understanding if this is something that'd pass our IT Security assessment or not.


Paul Cardno
Global Automation & Innovation Senior Manager, 3M.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Shortcut matching happen 100% on your computer. Your snippets are synced to your computer and Text Blaze checks what you are typing against the list of shortcuts in these locally synced snippets. Nothing is sent off your computer as part of checking shortcuts.

An extra benefit of this approach the Text Blaze extension works offline.

At a high level, Privacy and Security is very important to us as a company. We're also SOC2 audited and we're happy to provide the audit report to companies as part of security reviews for Business users. Please reach out to to get the process started.