Database operation core

I am trying to create a snippet that will be the core of a more-or-less automated database.
I am rather new to SQL and this will allow me catch the logic, I will greatly appreciate any help.

The main idea is - I have a table where rows contain specific info on certain entities.

The result I am pursuing: input a shortcut (for example "/menu"), and then a dialog window opens, where I can choose a column that will be the basis. In the chosen basis, I can choose an entry from this column. Together with that, I need to choose the columns with the needed info from each respective row.
I need that after I press INSERT, I get the information from each partiluar row that meets my basis requirement.

For example, if as a BASIS I choose a COUNTRY column and the entry is UK, in response I get all the COMPANY NAME, PHONE and EMAIL entries of each row that is marked by UK in the COUNTRY column.

Many, many thanks to anyone willing to help.

Hi @Only_One , it is possible to do this in using two queries. Here's an example:

Thank you good Sir!

May I also ask you what do I do if I need to display several entries respective to the Country?
{repeat: for item in count + company} {=item} {endrepeat} ends with "Cannot convert a list to a number."
{repeat: for item in count} {=item + company} {endrepeat} is also not working.

How to combine several entries in the reply to my query?
Thank you in advance.

Sure, first click on the second "Read from table" command, and then update the fields to read here:


Then, you can give it a name here:


Then you can use this menu to insert a repeat:


Click inside the repeat and you get this menu:


You can click on it one by one to insert the data for each row.

I have updated the bundle above with the new snippet. Let me know if it works for you.