Datablaze - localazition of "clear value" option in the form

Hello Everyone,
I have a quick question about the forms in Datablaze :slight_smile:

I'm preparing a form in the Czech language and for one question in the form I'm using a single select list with the field not being required (the customed can press on an option and then clear it if they don't need that one).


My question is - can I somehow translate this "clear value" so it is in Czech, as the other parts of the form? I know I can explain that to the Client in the description but having it in Czech would be preferable :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi @Gabriela,

Currently we don't support changing the button text language but you can put it in Feature Ideas so that we prioritize it in our new features to come.

Thank you, I understand and will put it in the feature ideas :slight_smile: