Date parsing / pattern question

I am trying to format a date that I am pulling from DataBlaze and running into an error. Can someone help me out? I'm sure it is something obvious and easy!

LEASE END DATE: Could not parse "5/1/2023" as a date or time with the pattern "YYYY-MM-DD".

LEASE END DATE: {time: M/D/yyyy; at={=lease expiration date}; pattern=YYYY-MM-DD}

It looks like the date is either coming in in M/D/YYYY or D/M/YYYY format.

You should address this by changing the pattern setting which tells Text Blaze how to parse the date. For example:

LEASE END DATE: {time: M/D/yyyy; at={=date}; pattern=M/D/YYYY}


Thank you! I was doing it arse backwards. I was staring at so many things today that I gave up and hit you all up for my stupid questions. Always appreciated!!!!