Date snippet problem

It's great to see the Proper case formula in the beta right now.

Meanwhile, I've noticed that when I try to insert my Date snippet, often it first takes the format:
"it is June 25th, 2020, 5:28:34pm right now"

rather than the one in my account:
"25 June 2020 (Thursday)"

However, if I delete that text (sometimes I can't select the text) and then use the exactly same abbreviation again, it works properly.

Is there a default format that the program uses before the snippets are loaded. Let me know if there's a workaround for this.

That sounds strange. Could you post the snippet text here?

Also, is it possible you have two snippets with conflicting shortcuts?

Would be great if you could shoot a video of what's happening. It would give us a clearer picture.

You're right. I did find an old shortcut in Auto Text Expander which was d8. Strange how it interfered only rarely with the Text Blaze shortcut \d8. But mystery solved!

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