Default Checked Value


I have another request to see how I can do a Default Checked Value to where if its checked it will paste with the rest of the text, and if its unchecked it wont paste. However the default status of the checkbox is checked and I can uncheck it if we don't need it to be included.

For an example, there is a tag we have to post at the bottom of our notes and sometimes we need to include/exclude the tag in certain scenarios.

Thanks all!

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Hi Malachi! I have the same thing for an email that I send. I don't always want to say to reach out if there is anything else we can do. So, I made a toggle, I have mine set at default Yes, and that sentence in it. If I uncheck it the sentence doesn't show. So in your case default no and it will not add the sentance unless you check it. One hitch on having it unchecked by default is that it won't show you what the sentance is. If you want it defaulted to unchecked, then you may want to include a note saying what that is.

{formtoggle: default=yes}Please advise if there is anything else that we can assist you with.
{endformtoggle: trim=right}

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