Default shortcut when creating new snapchat

If someone Is reading It from the devlopers--your program Is the best on market but you have one bug that Is making It second option--WHY ARE YOU PLACING THE D/DO SHORTCUT FOR NEW SNIPPETS?!!!! OBVIOUSLY, WHEN HAVING NEW ONE, a person wants to place his own shortcut. If It Is all about saving time, when you have that shortcut as default, there Is needed to DELETE It which means needing Ctr A, and delete, or three delete, which Is adding LOTS of clicks to a software that Is supposed to SAVE CLICKS. YOU NEED TO LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK, AND IT BAFFLES ME THAT YOU HAVE NOT THOUGHT ABOUT IT YOURSELF, please FIX ASAP!!!! I'M GOING TO DIRECT 560 MILLION PEOPLPE TO USE YOUR ADDON, BUT ONLY I F YOU FIX IT !!!!

Hi @Gal_Yorin_Atia - Thank you for your suggestion. I will pass it on to our technical team :slight_smile:

Nothing was fixed, and it is VERY much a shame it is so. It makes the addon worthless since it takes TOO much time to create new snippet with needing to delete the shortcut--WHEN are you expecting to fix it!

Hi @Gal_Yorin_Atia,

As I said, I've forwarded the suggestion and moved your thread to the "Feature Ideas" forum where it belongs.

I know you'd like to see this feature implemented asap. However, I cannot give you an ETA on this.

I hope you'll be willing to look past this inconvenience and consider the huge amount of benefits that come from using Text Blaze.

On a final note, may I ask you to kindly refrain from writing lengthy phrases in all caps. My eyesight isn't what it used to be, and this makes it very hard for me to read and understand what you're writing :slight_smile:

Well, add to the team that i'm going to have 560 million followers, and I will recommend the addon to all of them, UNLESS THAT WILL NOT GET FIXED. I'M OPENING 3.5 million branches all over the world and going to have 3.5 billion customers--ASK THEM IF THEY WANT TO LOSE THAT KIND OF DATABSE OF USERS for not having 15 min fix in their addon.


I'm going to repeat what I said in my last post, maybe it wasn't clear enough:

  1. I have escalated your request
  2. It is at the team's discretion whether or when we implement your request. Trying to force your point by mentioning numbers of followers that you (and I quote) "will have" is not going to change that fact.
  3. Most importantly, writing whole phrases in caps will not help your case - quite the contrary, it is going to get your post deleted as it is considered extremely rude on any civilized platform on the internet.

We make every effort to keep this community - small as it may be - a pleasant place. Please respect this forum and its members, and refrain from posting any more overly-assertive posts.

If you insist with this approach, I will have no choice but to remove you from this forum.

Well, my friend, I DO assume that if developers hear that they might have their program suggest to 560 million people, but that is only if they will fix a major bug (let alone he not is in their best interest) that might influence them to put more effort into it.
You say it is not so--well, I do think you should copy them THAT part, maybe it would.
And if you think I am rude when capitalizing that part--when they will see in the future OTHER program get promoted and rule the market, you will understand that emphasizing is NOT rude but just trying to grab their attention to what they are going to lose since by the time it will happen, it would be WAY more disturbing and cause for regret rather than get alarmed from some capitalization part.
I will not monitor that chat anymore--when I'm starting to deliver 100,000 flyers per day if the bug is not fixed, someone else will be on it.
You might want to copy that to them, maybe that will change their priority.