Deleted all files

HELP! I deleted my folder, I thought it was only the samples but turns out it was all of my snippets and now I want to cry. Is there any way to get it back?? Trashbin?? Thanks!

Hi @user62,

Sorry to hear that.

I'm afraid that folder/snippet deletion is permanent. However, I can offer to give you some tips that will help you rebuild your snippet library more efficiently.

What do you think? Happy to jump on a call and help you get on track :slight_smile:

Oh no! I too have done that in the past, and it was a heart-breaker! As a result, I adopted a new practice that has been working well for my team and I over the past year. Instead of deleting snippets, I created a folder called "Retired Snippets". I then put this folder in a "Disabled" status. Now, rather than deleting snippets, I simply move them to this folder, like an archive. The reason for putting the folder itself in a disabled status, is so the shortcuts for these retired snippets do not conflict with any existing or new snippets I make. Here is a screenshot of how I have it set up. Hope this helps!


Great idea @Brad_Hedinger :slight_smile:

Thanks for this message. Reminded me to put EXPORT TextBlaze on my calendar. Simply can't afford to lose TB. :slight_smile:

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@frank yep, I need to do it more often too.

As I said, if you need any help rebuilding, let me know. Happy to jump on a call and give you some tips. Rebuilding your snippet library isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some of your older snippets would probably benefit from the things you learned after you built them.

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