Desktop and Extension Not Working 11/15/23

Hey. I can't get my desktop or chrome extension to show anything today. It just keeps loading and using the / wont prompt any snippets to type out. Are there issues happing today with anyone else?

Hi @jamie.howard - Google, out cloud provider, is experiencing an outage that is impacting some of our users. We're monitoring it and will keep you updated on progress.

The issue should be resolved now.

Hello there,
I experience some issues with OpenAI functions (prompts & params are displayed instead of executing the action).
Can this be related to the issue you talk about ? (If not, sorry for the noise, will create another post for my issue).

Hi @Maxence_Walbrou , good to see you back in the forum.

I don't think this is related to the other issue that Google had yesterday. Do you mind sharing the snippet here (or over email) and then we can take a look at it?

Hello Gaurang,
I restarted Chrome and everything seems back to normal :+1:

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