Different calendar eras

In addition to Common Era (like 2020, 2021, etc.) there are also some year notations widely and frequently used nowadays.

For example, Republic of China calendar (aka. Minguo calendar) and Chinese Lunar Calender are used in Taiwan, and Japanese calendar is used in Japan. In other words, 2021 is the 110th year of the "Republic Era" (aka. Minguo 110th Year = 民國110年); 2021 is the 3rd Year of Reiwa Era in Japan (aka. Reiwa 3rd Year = 令和3年).

I come from Taiwan, where all the government and many companies adopt the "Republic Era" calendar; the situation is the same in Japan.

Therefore, for those who work in government offices or companies as above, it would be highly appreciated if it is possible to choose different calendar eras in dynamic time command.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

That's super interesting.

So if I understand it right, you would like to be able to write something like {republic-era-year} and have it output "民國110年" as the 110th year of the Republic era?

Are the prefix (民國) and postfix (年) the same for all years or would they be different for, say the 5th or 120th year?

Yes, I think you understand it in the right way.

The prefix 民國 is the name of the calendar, and in the Chinese context, we will also place 年 (=year), 月 (=month) and 日 (=day) after the number, which is a little bit different from English speakers. For example, "February 28th, 2022" will be "民國111年2月28日". (In Chinese, the order is usually year-month-day.)

Besides, regarding the rest of a date string, that is to say, the month and day, perhaps the system could utilize the current date system? Or use some modules to convert date values for those calenders that do not start the first day on January 1st? (Although I'm not an engineer, I guess some way to decrease the work volume of development.) For example, the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is February 1st this year. (It may vary every year due to intercalary month)