Disable / enable snippets

Hello I am a writer and I am asking for the feature of snippets and snippet folders being enabled and disabled. The reason why I asked this is to save time and allow me to write more. Being able to enable and disable a folder of nation tags can save me time from writing The Federal Union of Laisulatia when I could write c1. I could just permanently keep these nation tags to save me time, but issue is that if I were to walk about something else sharing the name c1, it would correct into The Federal Union of Laisulatia rather than C1, which I wanted to talk about.

Hii @no_Cheese_today Welcome to the Text Blaze community :smiley:

We offer the feature of disabling snippets. Simply click on the snippet folder you want to disable, and you'll see a "disable folder" option on the bottom right. Attaching a screenshot for your reference:

You can enable the folder once you want to start using the shortcut again. Hope this helps, Let me know if I can help with anything else!