Do you use Gmail? Your feedback on the Gmail command pack

The Gmail command pack allows you to automate common tasks in Gmail like automatically including the recipient name in your message or automatically CCing or BCCing someone. See some examples here.

If you're using Gmail, we would love to get your thoughts:

  1. Are you using it? If no, why not?
  2. How's your experience? What do you like about it, and what can we do to improve?


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Hi Dan, I am using MS Outlook for email in Windows, hence I do not use Gmail pack.


Gmail command pack user here. I like how it works, I use it on a daily basis. It is very basic and combines nicely with the normal Text Blaze commands.

Possible improvements would be:
-Be able to apply a label to an email
-Attach files (not a link)
-When using Add CC, double check if email address is already added


We use the Gmail Command Packs to include project managers in outgoing emails using the Cc and Bcc functions.
We also use the flow to include a Bcc for scheduled outgoing emails. That way you can monitor that the emails were sent on schedule. Very helpful tool.


Yes, big fan! I use CC and Subject line functionality, but the biggest reason I love using it is because of the visibility into "my email". I can have a single snippet say different things based on the "From" email address. I can also block snippets from being used if they are being sent from the wrong email address.

For example, if I should send an email from accounting@ but haven't changed the send-from email address on the gmail side, TB won't let me import the snippet.

This is hugely helpful for avoiding looking like the idiot I am. It's similar to the "attached" check that gmail will do to make sure it is actually attached.