Do you use Text Blaze outside of work?

Hello everyone!

When I first discovered Text Blaze (a long time before I actually joined the team) I fell in love with it instantly, and had upgraded to Pro within half an hour. At first I was using it exclusively for work. But soon, it also crept into my daily affairs. So I thought I would share with you some snippets that I use in everyday, non-work-related scenarios.

Dynamic morning/afternoon/evening salutation:

Good {if: {time: HH} < 12}morning{elseif: {time: HH}>= 12 OR {time: HH}<= 18}afternoon{elseif: {time: HH} > 18}evening{endif}.

Dynamic week/weekend:

Have a pleasant {if: {time: d} < 6}week{else}weekend{endif}.

Then there are the common phrases like:
/brb Be right back
/afk Away from keyboard
/tyt Take your time
/wdyt What do you think?
/fyi For your information:

This one is a bit unusual in application. I take medication on alternative days. To make sure I don't miss my meds, I take them on the even day number of the year. So I use Text Blaze to check what day number of the year it is, and tell me whether I'm due my meds or not.

{if: iseven({time: DDD})}Take meds{else}No meds{endif}.

Hope this gives you some ideas for using Text Blaze in everyday life, even outside of work.

Got any other ideas? I'd love to hear them!