"Domain Capture" for Text Blaze Organizations

Enterprise/Business Tier Ask: Create an admin toggle that allows Organizations to own all accounts under their given domain. If anyone in the future then signs up for an account with an email account in the domain, they are automatically merged into the designated Organization.

Example: Google Inc. creates a Text Blaze Org, and owns the google.com domain. Another Googler one day signs up for an account with their @google.com email address. This Googler is then automatically absorbed into Google's Text Blaze Organization.

Dropbox Enterprise offers a great example of how to execute this functionality:

This definitely makes a lot of sense. This requires manual verification on our end though [1] so potentially this would be a different than SKU than the business SKU which is designed to be full self-serve.

[1] We wouldn't want john@freemail.com being able to commandeer all the @freemail.com accounts. Similarly at a large company like Google we could imagine that if the recruiting team had an org and sales team came along and created their own org, it is quite likely that Recruiting would not want Sales to commandeer their Text Blaze accounts.