Don't add space at beginning of snippet

I'm using the GMail feature to insert recipient name when I type 4 periods "...." Here's how I want to use it:

Thanks for letting me know ....

Note there is already a space between know and ....

The problem is that the snippet inserts a space before the recipientName, so I end up with a double space after know

I could trigger the snippet Anywhere and then not type a space myself to solve this issue, but:

  1. it creates conflict in other snippets I have in that folder and I'd rather not put this snippet in it's own folder
  2. I'm so used to typing a space that I do it automatically.

Is there a way to prevent the space?

Hi @Martin_Hill ,
I have checked and my snippet inserts without any extra spaces.
Is it possible that the email has these spaces.
If you like further assistance, please drop me an email to so we can schedule a call to investigate this together.