Dropdown and if/else

If I have a snippet with a text/label and then a dropdown. In this hypothectical case the dropdown is not used or is left blank because nothing really fits or it is not pertinent this time. How can I have the text/label not progagate into my document because there is no response?

Hey @Brian_Haley

There's a few different ways to interpret what you're saying -- I'm not sure that I got the right interpretation, so let me know if this isn't what you were thinking.

{formmenu: default=; Option 1; Option 2; Option 3; name=menu}
{if: menu=""}{else}This text only gets added when one of the dropdown menu options is selected{endif}

In that example, the dropdown menu's default is to be blank, and no additional text appears. If you choose Option 1, Option 2, or Option 3, additional text is displayed.

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