Dynamic commands menu now on the right!

THe Dynamic commands menu is now showing on the right hand side of the edit box, this is taking up too much room, is there a way to move it back to the bottom of the window like it use to be?


Hi @Steven_Goldsmith - I believe you're already corresponding with someone on our team via email, but I'll respond here too for the benefit of others who might share your sentiment about the new layout.

You definitely bring up a valid point, and our engineering team is already exploring options. While we didn't receive any critical feedback while testing this new layout, not everyone is comfortable voicing their thoughts in the way you did, so please don't ever hold back in sharing your opinion on any changes we make.

Thank you for speaking up :slight_smile:

No problem, sorry must have missed the testing/feedback, just for more feedback, personally I like to have as much room for editing as possible, that's why I prefer it at the bottom as icons. thanks again.

No worries at all @Steven_Goldsmith

As I said, this kind of feedback is crucial to us. Reach out anytime :slight_smile:

An alternate is to have it at right side but you can hide/unhide it. I use one cloud app which has this.

When we click any of it, it comes out