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How can i sum a list that i all ready copy to my clipboard, but i need to replace from "." to "," to have a number right? not a text.

i know that i can {=split({clipboard}, "\n")[1]}{key: tab}{=split({clipboard}, "\n")[2]}{key: tab}{=split({clipboard}, "\n")[3]}{key: tab}...
but how can i sum them with the replace funtion and make it work no matter how many elements i add to clipboard (10 max) with $dd.ddd / $ddd.ddd / $d.ddd.ddd. It seems to be easy but I can't make it.

Clipboard list

Here is an example:

{=sum(map(split({clipboard}, "\n"), v -> replace(replace(v, "$", ""), ".", "")))}

This snippet will remove dots and dollar signs before summing up all the numbers. The output will be also a number without dots inside.

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Thanks you so much, quick question. If i want to add one more replace funtion ".", "" to the original how would it be? sum(map(split({clipboard}, "\n"), v -> replace(replace(v, "$", ""),".", "")))

Do you mean removing all the dots from the clipboard content? You could do it like this:

{=sum(map(split(replace({clipboard}, ".", ""), "\n"), v -> replace(v, "$", "")))}

No, what i mean is removing the "comas" too. In Chile we use as thousands separator the dots not the comas.

[Error - Cannot convert "147,798" to a number.]

You can do it like this:

{=sum(map(split(replace(replace({clipboard}, ".", ""), ",", ""), "\n"), v -> replace(v, "$", "")))}

i have a problem with my window laptop cliboard, it looks that the clipboard change the format to text so mi snippets it dosnt reconice the number format to make the sum "ERROR - Can not convert "" to a number" can you help me?

Sure @Nikolas_Torres_Niko,

Please paste content of your clipboard here. You can use the following snippet to see what you get in Text Blaze:


I assume that we're talking about the last snippet that I posted on Nov'22, if not please also describe what are you trying to achieve.

Same thing! im trying to sum this list for example.


but it doesnt reconice the right format "number" to make the sum funtion. It takes as text, but it is just in window OS; in IOS or Chrome OS it works perfect. So my clipboard change the format i guess.

its right same nov 22 post ! thanks you so much.

On windows newlines have different special characters representing them, try this:

{=sum(map(split(replace(replace({clipboard}, ".", ""), ",", ""), "\r\n"), v -> replace(v, "$", "")))}

I just replaced \n with \r\n, which is how usually it works on windows for newlines.