Editing text in a form field on a website


I'm working with an online app and there are multiple fields containing information that I need to edit.

What I need to do it remove a specific number of characters at the beginning of the line, and add some text at the end of the line.

I'm having no issue removing the text at the start of the line but I can't work out a way to move my cursor to the end of the line so I can add the new text.

Hi @Shane_Keenaghan ,
Is it possible to copy the entire text, manipulate it using Text Blaze and then paste it? That may be the easiest way.

Otherwise, CMD+right arrow (or CTRL+right arrow) will typically take you to the end of the text. In Text Blaze, it would be {key: cmd-rightarrow}

Does that work?

Thank you,

I had considered copy and paste but I've a lot of fields to go through and it would be too many extra keystrokes to have to do that everytime.

I'm on a Chromebook and CMD+ right arrow seems to work when I test it manually but when I run the snippet it only steps one character to the right an the CMD part has no effect. CTRL down arrow also works to achieve this when I do it manually but it doesn't work in the snippet. Really I just need an end button but nothing seems to work.

You can try Ctrl-A (Cmd-A) to select everything and then do the arrow key to move to the end.

Excellent! That worked, thank you