Email address snippet posts double

When I use my "@dd" trigger it should give me but instead it gives me

Sometimes it actually works and just gives me the single instance of the email address.

Another weird thing is that I can use that trigger inside of the window for creating a snippet. I've never been able to use a snippet when creating another snippet.

All of this is using the extension on the Chrome browser on Mac. I am in the Windows beta.

Hi Laren
I had the same issue and was told by Gaurang Tandon (TB engineer) that it was due to the FOLDER option settings, specifically the option for Snippets trigger (bottom right). There are 3 options

  1. Started by Word Break
  2. Started and ended by Word Break
  3. Anywhere

If the second option is chosen and the snippet shortcut starts with @ it will produce a double entry! Strange but it is what it is. Change setting to option 1 "Started by Word Break" and the problem disappears. Not satisfactory as I prefer option 2 "Started and ended by Word Break" but I have had no resolution to this yet.

George Marinos

Hi @Laren_Eggleston can you check your chrome://extensions page and see if both the early access version and the production version of the extension are enabled? If so, please disable one of them. About:

Can you check the URL of the webpage and let me know?

Hi @George_Marinos, you are correct. The issue we discussed was with the Windows app and specifically on some EMR application. I'll keep an eye out if Laren has the same issue.

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I only had the regular Text Blaze extension. Lost the link for my early access extension, could you email it to me again? I'll put that back on and then make sure it's the only one.

I have found that when I change the snippet to "/@dd" it will change the behavior and there are no problems. I change it back and the problems come back. It must have something to do with the @ sign, however, it's weird as it only seems to affect my work email address.

@Gaurang_Tandon I rue the day that I quit drinking coffee!!!!! :joy:

I had forgotten that I had the text expander extension as well. I had deleted the TE app on Mac but forgot to delete the extension. I'm all good now! Thanks all!