Embed site link

Hello! I would like to insert a snippet into a text box on a webpage and have it grab a link that is on the same page but instead of displaying the link, I would like to have it embedded in a part of the text that is in the snippet. So instead of automatically displaying https://community.blaze.today/, it would say Text Blaze but have that link embedded. Thank you as always for your help!

HI @log62000

This should work:

{link: {site:url}}The text to show instead of the link{endlink}

The example above extracts the url of the page on which it's being inserted. However, you can use the {site: selector} command to extract a specific piece of text from a website.

The video below explains how to do that:

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thanks, Cedric! I'm getting this error message, however: [Error - Invalid {link} URL: [Error - "selector" may only be used with "html" or "text" site commands.]] Any ideas?

Hi @log62000

That's probably because the command isn't set up properly. Did you follow the instructions in the video?

Logan, do you want to email us your command so we can take a look?