Enhance {click} action

I really like and beginning to make heavy use of the key and click commands.

I would like to be able to {click} on website element that are currently not visible ( under a DOM element styles with display:none .

a bit like running $("#ButtonId").click() in the console ( but I know TB cannot inject js for security reasons)

Thanks !

Hi @Charles_Dagenais !

Right now, we explicitly disallow {click} on elements that are not visible on the page, as that indicates a possible error, and/or can result in unexpected behaviour on the website. For example: to the user, there will be no visible click, but the page state will change.

Can you give an example of how clicking on hidden buttons is useful for your case?

yes. I'll provide it to you by email

We solved this via email. The proposed solution was to use another Chrome extension to "un-disable" the button, so that Text Blaze can click on it.

If you (another user) have a different use case than @Charles_Dagenais , and would like to see this feature, please feel free to respond to this thread to elaborate on your use case. Otherwise, I'm marking it as solved for now.