Errors when adding new people

Hey all, looking for some help here.

We have some employees using TextBlaze, but they aren't synced with our company account. We are trying to pull their existing accounts, snippets, and details into the larger one, but we keep getting this error:

Does anyone have any experience or know-how to address this?

Hi @Stetler_Eppley Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I see that a user is trying to join the organization, but they are not invited. Are you sure this user is signed in with the correct account into Text Blaze? The user can check their email address here:


Hey Gaurang,

The red error flag says they hadn't been invited, but the message below literally says "You have been invited to join an organization as part of Text Blaze Business."

That error only triggers when you click "Join Organization."

Please advise.

The message on the website is generated based on your website URL. For example, you will see the same message if you visit this website:, even though there is no 1234 organization that has invited you.

I agree this message should be improved especially when the user has not been invited.

Can you please check the email address of the users? Make sure they are signed in to Text Blaze with the same email address to which you have sent the invitation.