Extract text to Google Sheets

Hi, Im inviting people in Linkedin. Is there any way to extract the text, format it in columns and pasted into google sheets? Also each name has a link to te Linkedin profile which also is needed (cannot show it here, dont know why).
In the list can be any number of contacts
Thank you very much

"Nombre del miembro", "Ocupación del miembro" are the columns names
"Retirar" may be used as end of each record, I suppose

Nombre del miembro
Dr.Chuck xxxx
Ocupación del miembro
Owner/ President at Foundation Chiropractic Clinichace 6 minutos
Hi Chuck, I'm inviting you to the Chiro CE Eve... Ver más

Nombre del miembro
Dr. Karina bbbb
Ocupación del miembro
Chiropractic Physicianhace 7 minutos
Hi Karina, I'm inviting you to the Chiro CE Eve... Ver más

Hi @martinhgps,

I can think of a couple of ways of doing this, but let's tackle it one piece at a time. First of all, do you already have a method for extracting the data you want?

If you want to extract data from a page, you could do this with the {site:text; selector=} command, which you can read more about here: Text Blaze | {site}

You could then use the {urlsend} to send this data to a google form of your creation, which would in turn save it to a google sheet.

Here's a great example on how to do that:

That said, if you're looking to contact people on LinkedIn, you should know that we have a LinkedIn command pack that can (among other things) capture the name of the person you're messaging and insert it in your snippet.

You can see how it works here:

Thank you, but I thing I was not clear.
Let me try to put in another way. Please visit

You will find text copied and paste from a webpage to a google doc. This could have 20 or more paragraphs of the structured data. For the example use only 2 paragraphs (Original text)
and a screenshot of a google sheet with the data extracted from the original text


Hi @martinhgps - I'm not quite sure I'm following.

Would you be able to jump on a call so we can walk through this together? Please email me on support@blaze.today with subject line "ATTN: Cedric" so I know it's specifically for me.