Extracting data from a user input field

This is my first post and I LOVE Textblaze. Really glad I found it. On our system, users can input their case number and I want to input that information into a reply to them. It would look like:

I see you have submitted [case number]? How can I help you?

I'm having a heck of a time getting this to work with a CSS selector and am wondering if maybe using the HTML would be a better approach. I'm also new to coding so I may be missing something obvious.

CSS Info
body.operator.ng-scope:nth-child(2) div.operator-container:nth-child(5) div.customer-info div.customer-info-scroll div.case-form:nth-child(30) label.case-form-label:nth-child(7) > input.ng-pristine.ng-valid.ng-touched

HTML info
input type="text" allow-numbers="" name="" id="" ng-model="active_channel.caseInfo.orderNumber" class="ng-pristine ng-valid ng-touched"

JS SCRIPT: document.querySelector("body > div.operator-container > div.customer-info > div > div.case-form > label:nth-child(7) > input")

You might be able to create a selector on the HTML attributes. The ng-model attribute looks like it might be unique, so maybe something like this would work:

{site: text; selector=input[ng-model="active_channel.caseInfo.orderNumber"]}

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That worked perfectly. Thank you!