Extracting part of text

Hi :slight_smile:

I use the read from the website to copy the name of a product which contacts extra information that I don't need. and I use the split formula to select the name, is it possible to use the split more than once in the same string to select the name and in this case the size of the product as well? For Example, the text that I copied is - Morderm T-Shirt, and I would like to copy the other part of the string that has the word Size: Larg.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @angellara - sounds very doable. If you copy the entire text, including the size, what would the full text look like? Can you provide a few examples?

for example, I want to copy the text "Premium Recycled Bomber Jacket" from the following website

{=split({site: text; page=https://www.printful.com/*; select=ifneeded; selector=h1}, " ")[1]}

Currently only displays the word "Premium" if I use the above code, should I continue to use the split function or something else? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Hey @angellara , try this snippet:

{=extractregex({site: text; page=https://www.printful.com/*; select=ifneeded; selector=h1}, "(.+?) \|")}

This will fetch all text from the headline uptil the first pipe/bar (|) symbol. Let me know if it works for you.