Extracting text from website and applying Bold?

I´m extracting text from a website with no issue, but would like to turn it into "bold" in some parts.

Is that possible? I couldn´t find a way!


Hi Eduardo,

Is it possible to segment the text that you want to bold into a variable?

I created an example to illustrate.

I can use the website selector to read a value into the variable "Full Name".

{Full Name={site: text; page=https://app.website.com/; select=ifneeded; selector=[data-selenium-test="highlightTitle"]}}*

Once I have the text in the variable "Full Name", I can use the split function to divide this into "First" and "Last"

{First=split(full name, " ")[1]}
{Last=split(full name, " ")[2]}

I can then bold either "First" or "Last".

{=first} {=last}

Please let me know if this will work. If this does not work for you, please share an example of the text that you are extracting and what you want to bold.