Extracting the last 3 things I copied from the clipboard

I always copy 3 separate items and then use the Win+V to open the clipboard and paste them in the following way:
3rd copied item
2nd copied item
1st copied item

Is it possible to create an automation like that?

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Text Blaze has a clipboard command that inserts your clipboard contents, but there is no way to use this command with separate items.

Although, we do have various autopilot commands that could help you do this in a different way.

Can you share some more information about what you are trying to do? :slight_smile:

I copy a name then address and country
I want to have them pasted one after another

You could create a snippet with the clipboard command that inserts your clipboard contents and then reuse the same snippet after copying each item to insert the information.

Or, if it is possible, you can use our site selector to read the data from the page and then autopilot commands to move to certain boxes and paste the data where it is needed.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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