Facebook Group For Productivity

Hi Everyone!

It's safe to assume that everyone who belongs to our community forum is a productivity enthusiast. We've set up a small Facebook group as a way to grow a private social community for productivity nerds like us, to share conversations on best practices, habits, and tools for saving time, beyond the realm of Text Blaze. We're keeping the group a small, tight-knit space to share our favorite books, tricks, hacks to save time and help members learn from each other.

If you're an entrepreneur (or want to be one soon) who is looking for a community that will save you time while you scale, join us.

If you want to:
:raised_hands: Learn productivity secrets to grow & improve your business (& life)
:writing_hand: Exchange best practices for adding hours to your day to dedicate to revenue-generating tasks (we've got your back)
👯‍♀️ Create friendships with other entrepreneurs just like you (aka the secret productivity nerds society)
:beach_umbrella: Learn about productivity habits from other entrepreneurs, so you're saving your energy and extra zzz


Get ready to unplug from the matrix, and request your invite to "Team get shit done" here:


Great initiative @Nirali_Vasisht

I'm already in there and have already had some cool interactions. I hope to see you all join soon!


It sounds really interesting but it's a such a shame that FB has ended up as the default place for such groups. I only have the stomach for it a couple of times a year. Tempting though in this case.

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@Gregg_Cleland - I know how you feel.

We chose facebook because we wanted something that is easier to access, and that has a more conversational feel.

The forums here are important, but their function is primarily educational. For the facebook group, we wanted a place where people can chat and also exchange ideas, without the conversation being necessarily around Text Blaze.

Honestly, I doubt we'll have any trouble in the group. I expect that it will be a very pleasant place, even as it grows. Besides, I spent 4 years as a community manager for a video game with a teenage player base, and I still handled them very well. So if trolls show up, they won't last with me :rofl:

HI Cedric, Thanks for the detailed reply and I totally understand the convenience given its penetration.

I don't have concerns about the group but just having to face the deluge of shite like suggestions, ads and el crappo content that gets plastered everywhere that comes with just getting on FB. It doesn't help being easily distracted so I just pop in on my birthday and around Christmas. But the group is very much of interest so I give it a try. :slight_smile:

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@Gregg_Cleland - believe me, I empathise. I feel the exact same way. Would've closed my Facebook account a long time ago if it weren't the only way for me to stay in touch with some people.