Feature Request (Find Replace within TextBlaze)

Hi all,

I've seen a previous post on this, but I am hoping to renew the idea for devs to consider. I have hundreds of snippets, and sometimes I have to update a piece of info in all of them. This requires going into each macro individually, sometimes with multiple strings to replace. Tried so far:

  • Setting up a snippet to run right within textblaze dashboard, but this does not appear to work

  • Circumventing this limitation by creating a snippet starting with {key:ctrl-tab} to jump back into textblaze and execute, but this didn't seem to grab the textblaze tab's focus like when I type those keys manually

  • Using imacros and a few other macro and find/replace extensions. They either didn't suit my needs or were not expedient enough to settle the issue.

I can't imagine I am alone in this situation. Any chance of developing some kind of find-replace that can go through all our notes as case-by-case and having a replace all option? Perhaps not as powerful as Word's but case sensitive would seem important as a basic piece of that.

I have also considered pasting into Word for find-replace and pasting back. That's somewhat helpful but still cumbersome and not practical in many cases

Hi April,
Thanks for the feature request. This does sound like a lot of work.

Quick question - is it exactly the same piece of info across snippets? If yes, have you considered implementing the piece of info as a snippet and then reusing it in multiple snippets by using the {import} command? This way, you will only need to update it once.

Hi @realPrincessApril,

Thank you for the suggestion. One recommendation I can make is to use the {import} command.

Let's say you have a signature that you use in multiple snippets. The best way to handle that is to have the signature in a separate snippet, then use {import} to import it into any snippet where you need to use it. This way, if something changes in your signature, you just need to update that one snippet and it will update everywhere.

Of course, we're still taking note of your suggestion, and it would really help if you could share additional details as Dan suggested in the previous post.

On a final note, if you ever need any help with your Text Blaze workflow, ask away and we'll be happy to help.