February Development Update

:package: Command Packs

Command packs add new capabilities to Text Blaze and can simplify your snippets. We'll be adding more command packs to Text Blaze over time, but this month we're starting with two:

  • Randomize Adds new commands to Text Blaze to create random numbers or select a random piece of Text. It's great for randomizing the content of your messaging so you don't sound robotic. For example {random-text: Hi, Howdy, Hey there}, will choose a random greeting each time a snippet is used.
  • Capitalize Allows you to match the capitalization of a snippet to how the shortcut was typed. This is great for spelling correction. For instance if you have a snippet that corrects the misspelled "seperate" to "separate". You can use this command pack to match the capitalization of the correction to the incorrect version.

Learn more by watching this brief video:

Command packs are in beta and may undergo changes in the future. Note that command packs are disabled by default for members of Text Blaze Business organizations. Organization administrators can enable them on the organization settings page.

Let us know what you think of these two. We're planning to add more command packs in the future, so let us know if there are any specific ones you would like to see.

:calendar: Insert a Date a Number of Weekdays in the Future

The {time} lets you insert the current date or a date in the future.

Based on your feedback in the Community Forums, we've added the ability to insert a date a specific number of weekdays in the future. For example the following shows the date 10 weekdays (skipping Saturday and Sunday) in the future:

We'll follow up within 10 weekdays (by {time: LL; shift=+10D(skip=SAT, SUN)})

As always...

If you have any questions feel free to post to our Question and Answer community forums. And if you have anything you would love to see in Text Blaze, please suggest it in the Features Ideas section.

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Hey Scott!

I got the randomizer to work for me but for some reason the same snippet is showing the entire string {random-text: .... } for my team. Any reason this might be happening?

Hi Justin!

Command packs need to be activated for each snippet user. So what I expect is happening is you've activated the pack, but your colleagues have not.

Your colleagues can each activate the pack individually or, for Text Blaze Business users, the command pack can be activated at an organization level so all users have it enabled.

Please note that command packs are Beta. We would love for you to experiment with them and give us feedback on them, but they shouldn't be used i crnitical workflows at this point.

The "Command Packs" are in theory a savior, BUT, THEY DO NOT work :sob: I wish this could be fixed please.

Hi Keren,

I've just responded to your email. Please check.