Find in snippet?

Is there a search function I'm missing to find WITHIN a single snippet, rather than to search all my snippets? I have some very long snippets (and perhaps I should remedy this by separating them into multiple snippets that are imported/embedded, but that's a project for another day), often with a lot of if/then conditions. When I want to jump to the section about a certain condition to make an update, it can be very hard for me to find by scrolling/scanning.

I feel like this is partly a result of Text Blaze being very entry-level-friendly while also being incredibly powerful. The more complex and powerful I make my snippets, the more they become like code, yet they still function in a WYSIWYG way that makes them impossible to scan like code (since entering line breaks, comments, indents, and other formatting that might make them easier to understand on the back end affects how the snippet is inserted). So, a secondary question might be for suggestions to visually organize and streamline a snippet via the edit window without affecting the appearance of it when the snippet is called and inserted.

Hi Megan,
Thanks for the feedback.
Can you use {note} command to add comments to the parts of the snippet?

Yes, I was thinking making greater use of {note: preview=no} might be beneficial!

Sure. Please let me know if that solved your case.

Since it will take me some time to optimize my snippets and I know they will never be fully optimized, I would still appreciate a search function within a single snippet!

Sure. I changed this to a feature idea, so others can upvote this.

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