Firefox Version of Text Blaze

Text Blaze extension for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser.

I like Text Blaze. I also like Firefox, particularly with the containers feature which is better than Chrome's user profiles. This is probably very appealing to other power users. Plus Firefox is getting fast again.
So an extension for Firefox would be excellent.


Nothing beats panorama view in firefox for tab management, but there aren't many text expanders for firefox :frowning:

Text Blaze looks and works great!!

I would like to use text blaze on firefox. When working at our company system, the website loads faster on firefox than chrome, it makes me to stay on firefox rather than use chrome. I need to work fast as I am live chat support. If possible, could you please develop the add-on extension on firefox. I am very appreciated. I already bought pro version and would like to continue to use it, however if not supported at firefox, it makes difficult to search between chrome and switch back to firefox.

I agree with this wish. I also mainly use Firefox and the Pro version of Text Blaze and I would love to synchronize my snippets with Firefox.


Is having TextBlaze on Firefox possible?

Hi @Robert_Kowton - Welcome to the forum.

At this time, Text Blaze works exclusively on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

We definitely want to make Text Blaze available on other platforms in the future, however I'm unable to give you an ETA for when this will happen.

If you would you like to see Text Blaze on other platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, please let us know here: Survey - Text Blaze for other platforms