Fix double spacing from snippents

Every time I use one of my snippets it seems to have an extra space between lines. Below is an example:

follow up - in clinic
re: {formmenu: default=labs; imaging results; recent consult; emerge visit; follow up; name=reason}


after fixing the spacing manually:


any ideas on how to fix this?

Can you try if this works:

follow up - in clinic{key: shift-enter}re: {formmenu: default=labs; imaging results; recent consult; emerge visit; follow up; name=reason}

If it does, possibly the website has two line space modes: line break (which is smaller) and paragraph break (which is larger), and Text Blaze is inserting the larger one. By using Shift+Enter, I am forcing the smaller line break.

You can also try the snippet on a different website in Gmail or the Text Blaze Dashboard, it should have the smaller line breaks.

sorry, clinic was really busy for the last bit
unfortunately the above still seems to do the larger paragraph break
starting to suspect its the web app I'm using though (collaborative health records by telus)

If you can get sandbox access to the platform for external people like me, I can look into this further. Otherwise, it is difficult to suggest workarounds.

Unfortunately I don't think I am able to give you access to our system (I do not have admin privileges). I've been trying to see about fixing this myself but so far no luck.

I think you may be right though that the website is for some reason doing a paragraph break when pasting (not just for textblaze).

You don't happen to know of any tricks to force it to use a line break instead? Tried your above method but no luck

currently I'm having to go and backspace then enter at the beginning of each new line manually to correct the spacing

Can you try force formatting your snippet text as color black/left alignment/particular font style? For some editors, this fixes the line break issues.

no luck, still think its the web program were using. going to chat with their support to see if I can sort it out