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Hi there! I often receive a certain type of email that I need to deal with in a multi-step process, and often that process feels so overwhelming that I avoid dealing with it. I just made a Text Blaze snippet to trigger that can walk me through the process, showing only the next to-do item so I don't get overwhelmed. It also pulls some info from a Data Blaze table so I don't have to remember all the details or look them up somewhere.

I think this will really help me and I plan to create more for other processes where I often feel overwhelmed, so I wanted to share! (I know the Data Blaze variables won't load here but I think you can still get a sense of how they're used. Also my numbered list is showing up as all 1's in this preview but works fine in the app!)

{dbselect: SELECT Title, Format, SEASON, ISBN-13, Imprint FROM Titles; space=4PBMN6kQLs5Gmzuvk8bha6; menu=yes}

  1. save all files to {=imprint} {=season} folder on Box

{formtoggle: name=step 1 done; default=no}

  1. open {=imprint} {=season} folder on Box and open invoice{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: name=step 2 done; default=no}

  1. open freelancer list and remove {=title} from their line{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: name=step 3 done; default=no}

  1. open Concur and submit invoice{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: name=step 4 done; default=no}

  1. open edited file and style sheet and look over{endformtoggle}

{formtoggle: name=step 5 done; default=no}

  1. compose email to editor using /prfrev snippet{endformtoggle}
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Thanks for sharing! Just so you know you can embed example spaces with snippets in the community forum. Select the bundle option from this menu to see the example syntax:


Happy to help if you have issues with it.

Cool! I can't embed this particular space for security reasons, but that's a great feature.