Folder sharing on free plan

My colleague and I are testing Text Blaze using the free version. I created a folder with a snippet and shared it, but my colleague did not receive the email inviting her to share that folder. It's been 90 minutes. Does it normally take this long or am I missing some step? Thanks!

Hey there @anon56517408! Welcome to you and your colleague to Text Blaze! It normally is instantaneous when sharing folders. Glad to try and help you.

Has your colleague already created her own Text Blaze account, installed the Chrome extension, and logged in? Or is she waiting for the folder share email to do so?

If she has, and still did not receive the email, ask her to check the notification bell icon within her Text Blaze Dashboard, to see if there is a message there about enabling a folder.

Let me know how it goes...we'll figure this out!

Hi @Brad_Hedinger. Thanks for the help. She definitely has an account with the extension installed. We were on a Slack call doing this together. She still has not received any email and there's no notification under the bell icon.

When I first shared the folder with her, we waited 10 min for the notification. I then removed her from the shared list for that folder and then re-shared. Now my account shows I'm using 2/10 available shares even though only 1 person is listed. Should I try removing her and re-sharing again?


Sorry to hear this is happening, Bob. Yes - please try your idea of removing her, then re-sharing. If that does not work, have her completely uninstall the Text Blaze extension and reinstall it. This is definitely NOT an issue that is common. I have experienced it a time or two in the past...even with other extensions. Sometimes a good ole' fashion uninstall / re-install does the trick. Once we get past this hiccup, I am sure you both will find everything super smooth....and fun!

I will give all of that a try and will report back with the results. Thanks.

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Hi @Brad_Hedinger. Re-sharing did not work, so I'm waiting on my colleague to have a chance to do a re-install. In the meantime, I deleted the folder I was sharing and found that my account was still showing that I'm using 1 of 10 available shares. I then deleted my account and created it again with the same email address. But even now, it still shows I'm using 1 of 10 shares. I think the problem might be my account and not my colleague's. Thoughts?


Hi Bob,
Welcome to the forum.
Please make sure that your colleague verified her email address (if she hasn't, you'll see a notification here: Text Blaze Dashboard) and that you are sharing the folder using her correct email address.
If both don't work, let's jump on a quick troubleshooting call. My email is

@Brad_Hedinger thanks for helping!

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@anon56517408 @Bob_Charpentier
sorry for the trouble. The issue has been fixed. You can remove and add the user again to share. You can also share the folder url with your colleague if it has been already added.

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Thanks @VinodGubbala. It worked. I removed my colleague and re-shared with her. She got the notification this time around.

There is still one small issue. That folder still shows I'm sharing 2/10 but I've only shared it with 1 person. Can that be fixed too?

Glad it got solved for you. Thanks for confirming.

Regarding the sharing count. Yes. The count includes all the users who have access to the folder.

Hi @VinodGubbala. Ah, I gotcha now. Thanks for the clarification.