Font Size not saving

I don't know what is happening, but I change the font size on snippet, but it keeps reverting to small- does not record changes
any ideas??
regards Gavin

That's what I've been trying to achieve. I'd like to make your bug a feature.

yes its really annoying, from what otherwise is working really well


Not sure I fully understand. Are you saying the text in a snippet is changing size when you go back to it?

If so, I am not seeing this issue, it would be helpful if you could provide a list of steps to reproduce it.

I set the font to normal rather than small, but is resorts to size small every time
all other changes to text etc remain as set but the font size can only be small

Ive tried all the different fonts but it looks like the onmly font I can have is verdana small

It will change to others but will not save as them


I think the issue here is the font selection menu defaults to the label "Small", when the text is actually the "Normal" size. The text is the correct size, it's just the menu incorrectly reporting small.

We'll get that fixed.