Form Date as variable

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Is there any way to capture a previously entered form date and reuse it later on within the same snippet?

IE. I have a snippet that uses a date for a future appointment in the subject line and then jumps into the body for further information. I am hoping that I can set that date once and each further usage would be identical. Previously (and currently) I was typing the information into a form field and reusing it, but the new form date fields make so much more sense to use.

Thanks for all you do!

Hi @Devon_Schronce,

{formdate} takes the name setting too, so you can do the exact same thing you were doing with the {formtext} command:

{formdate: MMMM Do, YYYY; name=mydate}

This is the date I entered in the date selector above: {=mydate}

If you're asking how to re-use a date after you've inserted a snippet, that would be pretty difficult (if not impossible) to do, based on the use case.

Yes! That's exactly what I needed to do. I've used name in so many places it just never clicked to try it with a date.


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You're most welcome :slight_smile:

Here's something a tad more advanced. You can re-use that date in a different {time} command with a different time format.

{formdate: MMMM Do, YYYY; name=mydate}

This is the date I entered in the date selector above: {=mydate}

And here is my date formatted differently: {time: dddd [the] Do [of] MMMM, YYYY; at={=mydate}; pattern=MMMM Do, YYYY}


Thank you for this. Do you know how I would add 30 days to this date? My company invoices customers for payment plans every 30 days so I was hoping to set up a tool where we selected the first date and it populated the future payments by adding 30 days to the selected date. Ideally I would like payment 1 to be selected, then payment 2 would be populated 30 days from payment 1, and payment 3 would be 30 days from payment 2.

Hi Chris,

Yes, you can do something like that:

First date: {formdate: YYYY-MM-DD; name=data}
Second date (30 days after the first): {time: YYYY-MM-DD; at={=data}; shift=+30D}
Third date (30 days after the second): {time: YYYY-MM-DD; at={=data}; shift=+60D}

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