Form doesn't always paste into Trello comment box


My overseas team is having an issue with forms on Trello. They use forms to create a Trello comment, but sometimes when they're finishing filling out the form and click insert, the form menu closes but doesn't paste anything into Trello.

This happens to two of my members and only happens randomly.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you!

Sorry to hear about this, I hope we can get this fixed soon for you.

A few quick questions:

  • Can you check the Text Blaze extension version for the two effected people. Is it different from that for the unaffected people? (you can see the extension version of the Chrome extension page, it should be around 2.1.5 or so)
  • Does it happen with one specific form snippet or with multiple ones. If it is one specific snippet and others work fine, please email the URL for the affected one to
  • You mention it happens randomly. Roughly percentage of the time does it happen for the two affected workers?
  • Do the snippets work fine on other sites? (e.g. is this specific to Trello, or a more general issue with the snippets)


Quick follow up on this to see if this is still happening.