Form Field Entry is Extremely Slow

I have 1 specific snippet that for some reason, whenever any user runs it, the form functions extremely slow. It consistently takes up to 5 seconds just for typed characters to appear in a formtext or formmaragraph field. My initial thoughts was perhaps some unnecessarily complicated code, but I examined it and it does not seem to crazy to me. I made a video showing this in action. You can see the cursor stop blinking when I start typing. Forgive the large blue boxes as I am required to block out some sensitive student info. Below are time stamp details for this video:

  • 6 seconds from time of snippet trigger to form window appears.
  • 2-3 seconds until form window completes loading.
  • Typing "first name" in the first field, it takes 5 seconds to appear.
  • Typing "407-555-1234" in the phone number field, it takes 7 seconds to appear.
  • Typing "Testing typing some notes in a field" in the notes field, it takes 32 seconds to appear.
  • Clicking the form toggle buttons at the bottom, its takes 2-3 seconds for a selection to complete.

Love any thoughts, ideas, etc. This one is killing our productivity!

Hi Brad, thanks for reporting this. Is this a new issue or has it always been like this?

I assume you have several imports in this snippet. Do you mind trying and narrowing this down to a specific import? You can delete your imports one by one, and keep testing the snippet, until you find the one causing the slowness.

@Gaurang_Tandon I only have 1 import in this snippet. I already tried removing it before reporting the issue but unfortunately, it did not make a difference.

Okay, thanks! Can you please test by removing commands one by one from the parent snippet? Maybe start by removing import commands, Data Blaze commands, site commands, a loop, an if condition. I suspect that there may only be some specific commands causing this issue.

I have gone through the snippet extensively and tested removing all the varying elements in varying combinations. I removed custom text formatting as well. So far, the most significant impact has been made by what appear to be reducing the contents of if error statements. The positive impact though is not significant enough to call this resolved. Near as I can tell, I believe the issue may rest with the if statements that involve lists of time. Unfortunately, these are not lists I can remove from the snippet. They are vital to the purpose of the snippet itself. Not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for looking into it. We can go through your new simplified snippet on a call. Let's do that and then we can report the results back on the forum.

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