Formatting Dropdown Menu Selections

Hi TB Community!

How would I go about formatting - the "outcomes" from a dropdown menu, where multiple items can be selected?

I am hoping to have the options below, inserted/formatted into a numbered list


So the end result would look like:

  1. What are the current lease rates?
  2. When do those leases expire?

Thank you so much!

Hi @ajduna7,

I tried creating a snippet to do that using {repeat}. Let me know if it works for you.

{note}{formmenu: Choice A; default=Choice B; Choice C; multiple=yes; name=choices}{endnote}

  1. {repeat: for index in seq(1, count(choices))}{=choices[index]}{if: index < count(choices)}
  2. {endif}{endrepeat}

This worked perfectly!! Thank you Ashwin :slight_smile:

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