FormToggle - Yes and No in front of sentence

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I am wondering...

I checked the community for this, but there is so much info I couldn't find it, so I opened a new question:

How can I remove the "yes" and "no" in the beginning of a sentence when I used a formtoggle.


Snippet form

Schermafbeelding 2023-06-07 225204

Thank you for the info.

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Chester Bernards

Hi @c.bernards

The first screenshot of the backend doesn't match the snippet or results, so I'm mostly guessing.

I'm seeing that "Yes" appear after the formtoggle called "Loadbalancing". Two things to check for, both in the edit/backend mode:

  1. Click on the formtoggle called "Loadbalancing". Is there anything extra in the contents that shouldn't be there?
  2. Make sure that you don't have a formula that's displaying the value of that or any other checkboxes. That is, if you have something that looks like {=Loadbalancing} right in that spot.

If it's neither of those things, please post a screenshot of the backend of that portion of the snippet for us to look a little closer.