Fun discussion: what's your favorite Text Blaze command?

Hey Text Blaze community :fire:

We're working on some cool stuff to post here in the community in the coming weeks, so stay posted :eyes:

However, while I was working on something, I had an idea for a fun community discussion.

What's your favorite Text Blaze command?

There are so many and they're all useful in their own ways.

I'd love if you shared your favorite command and maybe a quick reason why you love it.

I'll go first! :grinning:

My favorite Text Blaze command is the {if} command! I love the ability to conditionally include content based on tons of different factors. It's super useful and can be used in sooo many ways.

Your turn! What's your favorite command? I'm interested to see if there are any common favorites among our users :thinking:

I'm a fan of {time}. When I was first learning the ins-and-outs of it, I found some of the options like at= and pattern= to be a little bit challenging. But now that I've learned that, it's impressive how powerful it can be.

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Like you, the if command is one of my favorites! HOWEVER, I have to admit that read from Data Blaze table is my thing that I like the most now! I use it a lot! Using AI to make my texts is starting to become something as well, but it's limited to how much I want to spend... :joy:


My favorite is a command pack :slightly_smiling_face: I have a very simple snippet shortcut hf that goes to Hi {gmail-firstname: type=single}, and I use it when I start replying to an email. This saves me SO MUCH energy not having to remember how to correctly spell the recipient's name.
Gmail has started recently started showing recipient's names, but it is still much faster to simply type hf<rest of the email> by muscle memory.

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So many amazing commands but [tab] is one of my most used because it lets me insert both the subject line and the body of the email in a single snippet.

My old text expander required that I create two different snippets, one for the subject, and one for the body.

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Yes! I love {time} too. It's incredibly useful.

I love using read from Data Blaze too. It has saved me tons of time already. I'm in the same boat with AI as well :rofl:

Ah nice. The command packs are super useful. My favorite is the LinkedIn command pack for the same reason as you: it helps me not have to remember how to spell people's names.

That's awesome. The [tab] one is another great one that can really help boost your snippets :slight_smile:

Currently for me it's {clipboard} . We do so much clipboard manipulation that's it' become a real lifesaver.


Same here :laughing:

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I like db commands, but it is hard to beat if command. I use if in almost all snippets that I either write for myself or helping community members.

Welcome to "team if command." :smirk:

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I really like the import command, I can make complex snippets using smaller subparts!


I'm team {import} - because it's allowed us to build easily navigable menus of snippets to provide to our advocate population. In turn advocates have a small handful of shortcuts they need to remember to access hundreds of individual snippets.


For me, Repeat is best command. Even after using many commands, you may get stuck to your solution. In such situation, REPEAT command comes to the rescue.

This is most useful for me especially because I have lot of bulk operations.

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