Fun discussion: what's your favorite Text Blaze formula?

Hey Text Blaze community :fire:

I posted last week asking about everyone's favorite commands, and it was a fun discussion!

This time, I'm wondering: what is your favorite Text Blaze function (or combination of them)?

Using formulas with functions can be pretty useful. Personally, I like to use the count and filter list functions to interact with my Data Blaze tables. It helps me generate reports with useful information quickly. Plus, I find myself interacting with lists quite often :slight_smile:

Please feel free to share your favorite functions/function combos!

Ok, so I've been quite silent recently with my head buried in making videos, so I'm gonna dive into this one :grin:

One of my favorite functions is split() which I use extensively as a quick way to create lists dynamically.

Here's an example:

Content to break up into a list (one item per line):
{formparagraph: name=content; rows=5; default=
item 1
item 2
item 3
item 4}

{note: preview=no; trim=right}
Creating my list by splitting the contents of my paragraph field at the line breaks:
{list=split(content, "\n")}

{endnote: trim=right}

My menu with items specified in the paragraph field above:
{formmenu: values={=list}}

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I agree with this. I use these a lot.

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