Future date formula

Hi, I'm looking for a way to automatically enter "today's" date plus X number of days, ie "today + 730 days, or "today + 154 days. How could I achieve this?

Hi @Paddy_O_Rourke,

You can use time command with shift setting. Here is an example which will display today + 154 days. You can choose different display formats.

{time: YYYY-MM-DD; shift=+154D}

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Excellent, that works. Now for another one, please.

I would like to automatically enter a date 14 days before the date I enter. So the date I enter will vary but the date I need inserted will always be 14 days before it. Any idea?

Hi @Paddy_O_Rourke,

You can use our date function and formatter setting in {formdate} command to finally insert a date 14 days before the selected one.

{formdate: YYYY-MM-DD; formatter=(value)-> datetimeformat(datetimeadd(value, -14, "D"), "YYYY-MM-DD")}


Epic, excellent support, thank you